Beach wedding in Forte dei Marmi!

Beach wedding in Forte dei Marmi!

Beach wedding in Forte dei Marmi! For the most beautiful day of your life, choose an exclusive location in Forte dei Marmi.

Is there anything more romantic than a beach wedding?
Beach wedding in Forte dei Marmi: just imagine a light, nearly transparent dress, sparkling sandals (no heels on the beach!!!) candles everywhere on the sand, the plash of the waves, the sea, the decorations, the sunset!!!

In Forte dei Marmi you can have all these things: we have large, beautiful, stunning sand beaches here, and they are WEST oriented, so you will have a 100% beautiful sunset at your beach wedding! Plus, as you already know after reading my other article about the beach clubs in Forte dei Marmi they’re super elegant and organized, so that your hyper-romantic beach event in Forte will be just breathtaking!

But, ok, stop dreaming for a second: maybe if you’re reading this post you would like to have some organizational tips? You are looking for good addresses? Maybe you have terrible questions like:  “Where can we find a Catering for a beach wedding in Forte dei Marmi?” or: “I’m not From Italy and I would like to hire a wedding planner: what should I do?”,  Or, maybe: “I’m from Russia and I want a golden dress: where do I buy it?” (Sorry, Russian ladies, I’m just kidding, you’re the BEST and we follow you all on Instagram!!!)

Last but not least: “I want to rent a villa for the wedding party, how can I contact a real estate agency in Forte dei Marmi?” -> For this last question, no problem: we are the best Real Estate agency in Town (hmm, hmm), and you can easily contact us , we will be glad to help you renting a splendid villa in Forte dei Marmi for your event!

For the other questions: let me just suggest you some very qualified professional agencies: wedding planner in Tuscany and tour operator services as Italian Wedding Event , or BM Weddings in Italy and I do in Italy that will help you with the organization and the necessary documents (if you’re not Italian); for the locations: Augustus Lido or in Lido di Camaiore, the beautiful location of Bagno la Spiaggia ! For the catering, if you want the best one, then contact Federico Salza Catering , they’re Tuscan (from Pisa) and they’re just gorgeous! did you know they even organized an event for Queen Elizabeth the II? If you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress & accessories, we like very much the wedding boutiques Laura la Sposa chic and Le Spose di Mori : the Italian style highest standard is guaranteed!

Now, let’s just dream with some beautiful pics about wedding on the beach!