Welcome to Forte dei Marmi!

Welcome to Forte dei Marmi!


Hello, My name is Alessandra, and I’m a realtor from Forte dei Marmi.
This means that I help people who want to buy or to rent a villa in Tuscany, or, more precisely, I help people who would like to buy a villa in Forte dei Marmi, which is a little paradise on the North-western Italian coast, really close to Florence and to Pisa.

Most of people, of course, know Tuscany: they know the historical beauties of Florence, the beautiful hills of Chianti, the sweet tuscan countryside, but there is an other not-so-famous but really nice place in Tuscany, the little town of Forte dei Marmi, with its splendid villas and gardens, the beautiful beach clubs with the colorful famous tents by the sea, and, of course, the most elegant boutiques in Italy. It’s a bit like going shopping in a little cozy Milan. Though, it will be a relaxed shopping by the sea with flips-flops on your feet!

This blog will try to communicate the actual magic atmosphere in Forte dei Marmi, that is a “sparkling” town all year long, even though in summer, it just shines. We will talk about “Forte” (as friends call Forte dei Marmi) and about the different events in every season, I’ll give you tips on the most fashionable and typical spots (for shopping, or to go out: restaurants and night clubs, sporting clubs), and, of course, I’ll talk you about the most beautiful villas in town!

So, relax, imagine the blue sea, the golden sand under your feet, and follow me on “Living Forte dei Marmi”