После покупки риэлторских услуг

Мы можем предложить нашу услугу «после покупки», предоставляя нашим клиентам опыт и профессионализм, которые характеризуют Luxury Tuscany Villas.

После покупки риэлторских услуг

Following the experience gained in ten years of experience in the real estate business, working with clients from various parts of the world, we can offer our “after buy” service, providing to our customers the experience and professionalism that characterize Luxury Tuscany Villas.
We can take care of everything you need: the carrying out of paperwork, with the help of specialists, the actual management of your sole property: we are confident that our skills will not disappoint the expectations of our customers.

Some of our services:
Design: we use professionals to provide proposals for amendments and restructuring, which are customized to match all the customers' needs for interior design and renovation.
Restructuring: thanks to a strict collaboration with the majors area architects we can provide any restoration work the customer may need.
Management: many customers are asking us to an "all inclusive" service "without thinking", so you can enjoy your leisure time in total serenity, letting us to take a complete control: paperwork, permitting, maintenance, recruitment of staff, catering etc.

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